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About Shilpiyon

Shilpiyon | शिल्पियों

Origin: Hindi
Meaning: Artisans, Craftsmen
Definition: A group of people who have mastery in making art pieces by their own hands.

What is Shilpiyon?

     A homegrown startup that is a kid now, but took huge efforts to adopt. It is old by its origin but fully new by its presence. It took a long time to take a single step from dream to action in the search for some good partners. Partners with whom we can go hand-in-hand, partners with whom we can grow together, partners who are truly and heartily artisans and craftsmen. We heard their stories - they have had choices - choices to take another profession, choices to live another life. But they sustained their own culture with their forefather's legacy to feed their family. Just like you have a choice now - the choice to either listen to their stories or skip them. Since you are here, reading this, we would like to request you to choose the former once, listen to someone's concern. Because if you do so and if you take our products to your home, it will bring food their home. And we promise you will feel proud of your decision because it will help a family to stand respectfully and feel proud of their decision.

     Shilpiyon or we, as a team, always try to come up with a new story and some new handicraft experience on your doorsteps. Our artisans and craftsmen are not only passionate about their art and work, but also they have mastery in their own field. In this modern era, they are still proud of their handcrafts. It really sounds amazing and we also felt the same way after knowing stories and watching their arts and skills closely. We are sure you have the same question how on earth it is possible to create such art and crafts just from the soil or from a conch shell found in nature or a rock from a hill? Well, to get the answers stay tuned and keep an eye on our Artisan page, and to feel those magical pieces of artworks and crafts in your hand, order right now and we will deliver to your doorsteps.

     So if you look upon Shilpiyon from a wide perspective, it is a startup in the front while backed by artisans and craftsmen having years of skill; in short, you may say - raw as a toddler, experienced as a monk.

How does Shilpiyon work?

Shilpiyon works just like a link between you, the consumers and the artisans - so that you get the best prices and the artisans get the minimal hassle.


Our Values and Mission

  • Quality Products

We believe in Made in India products. Our products or the source of the materials of our products, come from our own country soil. Our artisans and craftsmen make the products with great efforts while sacrificing their sweat and blood. Our team or we never just buy any product off the shelf like some supermarket shopping. We sit with the craftsmen, we listen to their stories, we evaluate the quality of each item, then we decide the products we showcase to you. When you visit our website and see one of such products and say that yes it looks good, we care about that. But what matters the most to us is that when you get the product in your hand and say "Yes, it is a good product and is fully worthy of my money". We want Shilpiyon to be a brand, and from our little knowledge, we know that with bad quality products and not-so-good customer experience we can never achieve our aim. So you can trust us.

  • Remembering the forgotten

Sir/Madam, it is good to stay in all kinds of social media, it makes us modern, keeps us in trend and opens our eyes towards the future world. But in our country, there are many things that need our attention very badly. We are, in fact, the oldest civilisation of the world - more than 5000 years old, and still, our civilisation is alive with the same glory if not more. It is because our forefathers are that talented to keep our tradition alive through arts, sculptures and various handicrafts. If you look deep enough into these, chances are, you may never touch the bottom. But sadly, among them, some are on the verge of extinction; to name a few Shital Pati mats of Assam, Phad painting of Rajasthan, Chandua art of Odisha, Potchitra of West Bengal. It is just because we are more focused on foreign culture. It all can change if we change some aspects of our lifestyle in small steps. We then will be able to save a large number of families who depend on those crafts for food and life.

  • Reasonable price

We all are typical Indians. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Manipur to Kachchh, one thing is common between us-

कीमत?     price?     দাম?      किंमत?    ధర?    விலை?     કિંમત?     قیمت؟    ಬೆಲೆ?     ମୂଲ୍ୟ?     വില?     ਕੀਮਤ?

What is the price? Is it worth the money? We respect your concern and we respect the value of your hard-earned money. So please, visit our shop pages, watch our products, check our quality, compare our prices, feel the deal, finally believe us.

  • Transparency

As newcomers, we aim to touch the sky someday. And as a measure of growth, we are not considering our turnover; we are considering how many people we can connect with. In a country of 1.3 billion population, we aim to get in touch with many artisans, craftsmen and also many many happy and valuable customers. But we can not accomplish that while having wrong ethics. So we make sure you get a great deal with integrity and full faith. Shop from us to experience our transparency. We know we are entrepreneurs, but being modern does not always mean that we have to have everything modern. Being ambitious, we want to be credited for hard work on introducing our modern community to our old heritage and showing the depth of our history.

  • Knowing our secret

It is very shameful that most of the time we need to do some research to know our own history, heritage and culture, just because we really don't know our own glory. In the world, India is known as the second-largest steel producer and we take pride in that because steel is the backbone of modern industry. But sometimes great things come with great cost, in this case- global warming. As of now, it is not possible to replace every modern thing we are using in our day-to-day life but a few can be replaced. We don't need to go back to ancient times but a few scarifies can help our mother nature flourish again- by using some "deshi" handmade products. We, as a small team, are putting some effort to bring some of those items to your doorsteps and making you realise how you can feel proud of your own by knowing our own secret.

  • Wisdom and Ethics

An entrepreneur does not only earn money; he/she lives a full life, which is from zero to infinite by taking a path of ups and downs. All these happen or start with a simple dream and then believing in that dream, making a team, realising the dream and from being an organisation to being a conglomerate. But very few people get to live or enjoy this full lifestyle. Because eventually by the brightness of fame and funds, the ethics and promises towards valuable customers fade away. Being aware of this fact, we are very much positive that we can and will sustain our ethics and commitments. So dear sir/madam, do not worry about the quality and services, because it is so true that the seller was also a buyer someday. We have the experience of being a customer. And that's why will try our best to make sure you are satisfied with every single purchase. 

Team Shilpiyon

Soyamprakash Jena
Soyamprakash Jena


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Maitri Moshan
Maitri Moshan

Creative Head

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When Soyam was staying in West Bengal, he was greatly impressed with the crafts made by the local artisans. But he realised that many of these are available only at a particular time of the year and most importantly, locally, due to the artisans' lack of exposure. One evening he asked me why can't these crafts be available the whole year, throughout the whole country. And that's how Shilpiyon was born.

- Arijit

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