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Craft Care

This page is a collection of 'Care Instructions' for the crafts available in the Shilpiyon Shop. If you can't find care for a specific craft, please refer to the craft's product page - every craft page has its own 'Care Instruction' section.


Dokra crafts get blackish over time due to the oxidation of brass, but they can be cleaned very easily. Take two tablespoons of lime juice and mix with some water, or just take some white vinegar. Then clean your crafts with either of the solutions with the help of a toothbrush. After that, you may rinse them off with water. Please make sure there isn't any water left, dab with a towel and put them in the sun.


Use normal water or soap water to clean. Do not use acids or chemicals, those may damage the conch shell surface.


A dry or water damped cloth can be used to clean these items. Usage of any chemicals may result in discolouration of the coating layer.

Wood Crafts

Clean these with a dry or slightly water damped cloth only. Do not use any alcohol or chemical based solutions.

Stone Crafts

  • Red Stone - Use normal water to clean first. Afterwards, polish with a little coconut oil or any vegetable oil with a cloth or cotton for shine.

  • White Stone - Can be cleaned with water or soap water. Their colour changes a little bit when they absorb water, due to their porous nature. Put them in the sun, once they are dry, they will look like before.

  • Stone Dust Tablewares - Can be cleaned with dishwashing soap along with water. Afterwards, put them in the sun to dry.

Anything else? Feel free to contact us, we will get you to help directly from the craft makers.

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