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Dream is a relative word. Its value depends upon the dreamer's determination and how big the dream is. Everyone has a different perception of a dream. Some get surprised when they finally get success, some become arrogant and some, being who they are, are not that excited for their dreams.

There are different types of dreamers. Some are small dreamers, who just set small life goals; some potential dreamers who know their own potential and think as much as they can. Then there are dream lenders who do not think much and just copy others’ lifestyles and dreams. Finally revolutionary dreamers -- not knowing their own potential they just take the risk to do everything for their dreams.

Small dreamers: In their case, they have some limited goals so they have unlimited constraints for every opportunity. They are always happy with their goals. They also think that other people unlike them are greedy ones.

Potential dreamers: They have a good sense that is they are very much practical. They always think of few months ahead. They are very much satisfied and feel smart about their decision. They have a perception that people who don’t think like them are foolish ones.

Dream lenders: The comic part is that most people on earth come under this category just because of our schooling. We believe in grades, so we do not think out of the box. As for our school, we always look at what our friends or competitors are doing. More interestingly we do the same thing as they are doing but expect an outstanding result by putting in the same efforts. In a Bollywood movie, I have seen a great scene like this -- a cheetah is seen by four friends in a jungle. After seeing the cheetah everyone is scared. One among the four tighten his shoelaces. Then the other one said, “You can not run faster than a cheetah”. The first one replied, “Who wants to run faster than the cheetah. I just want to run faster than you three.” I just want to say that you can survive in your circumstances by comparing your life with others but your whole life is not a cheetah race. If your wish to live a grand life and reach the topmost point then you should have to have a dream of your own and that will happen by stepping out of the dream landers’ zone.

Revolutionary dreamers: Finally our heroes are here. I entitled such people as heroes because originally they are heroes. Unlike our Bollywood heroes who earn money by manipulating people through movies on social issues. My heroes not only consider the social issues but also analyse and do research on how the problem is created, where is the root and how the problem could have a permanent solution. The problem may or may not be related to them but they take the risk and put all their energy to solve the problem. They have a promise of not quitting. They have always one word in their mouth, “Let’s try one more time”. Gradually they come up with results and become heroes in the whole world for unlimited time. The heroic image depends upon the amount of revolution they bring. Just like Team Shilpiyon who are trying and promise to save the legacy or history of the oldest civilisations through their efforts.

If your dream is not revolutionary, then it is just your wishful thinking.


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