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Yes, hypocrisy. It is a very heavy, negative and controversial word. And I am writing this with some responsibility. I have no aim to make any negative comments about anyone's viewpoint. I just want to present some facts in front of you which may affect your thought process.

I, as a normal Indian, am tired of hearing the politicians’ fake promises to make our country like western countries and make our cities like western. The half-educated and less visionary people forget their past. We people just flow by their words, but we really forget that our own civilisation, the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC), is one of the oldest civilization and it is still living. We really don’t remember the art and culture we found from the excavation sites. The rich artwork on stone on Hampi, Ellora caves and the Vedic engineering marvels of southern India is incredible.

In the area of cleanliness and hygiene, we give examples of the European and American countries but at the same instant, we forget that for the first time the city drainage system was found in the IVC in the era of 2500-1750 BC. It’s not a hypothetical statement, it has some solid proof in the archive. But we try to learn about hygiene from European countries, and that’s because of our hypocrisy. We give more importance to other cultures than our own. They know all of this and they are also aware of our knowledge. So for manipulation, they use western terminology that we get more attracted towards like German technology in any engineering products. I know they are developed but rather than copying them does anyone think that why they are so developed?

I have some answers. They are developed because they never compare their lifestyle with others. They live with their legacy. They believe in their own history. Here comes the problem with our people. We give more priorities to them. We are not that proud of or admire our forefathers or our legacy. The day we change such hypocritical thinking, we could change our future perception of the world towards India.

Let’s have some real-life examples. Everyone is quite familiar with Rolex watches. The flagship watch company from Geneva, Switzerland. They are very pricey because all their products are mostly hand made and there is some legacy that goes along with it. The same thing with the motors brand Rolls Royce. They charge a huge amount of money for a car or you may call it a motor art piece that’s because the motor giant continues its legacy and make each part delicately with hand. We know about their quality as long as they get a huge appreciation and support from their local buyers and customers. But we people never supported our culture which has more depth than any other things have.

But it is never too late. In every corner of our Bharat, there is some art that is waiting for its last breath. They need your support very much. For this, many small teams trying their best to make an opportunity for them. A team like Shilpiyon, is a team in this mission. All they need is just small support of yours. It is now or never.


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