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Shankha Crafts

Conch shell or more commonly known as Shankha has a big mythological importance in Sanatani parampara. It has a long history with Lord Vishnu with the cultural importance of India. We believe that having shankha in our house is holy for us. The sound originated from shankha can kill some viruses in the area. So our artisans went and searched for a quality shankha and found it on the southeast part of the Bay of Bengal and near the Indian Ocean. Then used his sense of art to make those special things even more eye-catching by carving and performing thousands of art forms on those. It not only reminds us of our cultural life but also decorates our house.

Shankha Crafts

Please note

All the conch shell items listed on the website are crafted from the conch species Turbinella pyrum or commonly known as the 'divine conch' or the 'Indian sacred conch', which, as of March 2022, does NOT fall under the protected list of banned mollusc or sea-shell species as per The Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, Govt. of India.

Here are links to some resources for more information:

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