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Terracotta Crafts

Terracotta is an art form made from the earth itself. The raw products are made from the soil with a special ambition to make everyone speechless by its beauty. In our case a family who have chosen this as a profession and a young boy who made this a passion. Let his artisan delicacy make all these products say a story. When the pottery wheel rotates by keeping a piece of mud upon it, the mud itself remains unknown about the fact that it will turn into a beautiful piece of art in a few seconds. Yes, it is as beautiful to see as a child on its birth but it should have to pass through another important exam for becoming strong. The next journey starts with a kiln having some pretty high temperatures. It turns the beautiful yet delicate art piece into a more permanent one. This is the journey of a terracotta craft to be this majestic.

Terracotta Cup and Mug

All these crafts are from the village of Panchmura, which holds a registered GI tag. For more info, click here

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