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The Logo

Shilpiyon logo

The logo is designed by a very talented young illustrator from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Rehnuma Proshoon

The concept behind the logo is this:

The ‘S’ along with the five fingers represents a hand - emphasising the handmade aspect of the whole idea. The five fingers represent the five pillars of Shilpiyon -

  • 100% Handcrafted

  • Naturally Sourced Products

  • Reasonable Pricing

  • NO Middleman

  • Empowering The Artisans

And the text Shilpiyon is also hand-drawn by the artist, instead of using any computer-generated font. 

The colours are also very significant -

  • The 'S' is in a shade of Kesari or India saffron colour.

  • And the 'Shilpiyon' text is in the colour of Terracotta or baked earth.

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